Around 1985 Thailand still experienced a shortage of high-level personnel in the field of polymers, in both the government and industrial sectors, to support the development of natural rubber, an important commodity of Thailand, and the petrochemical industry which was being established in Thailand at the time.

Professor Nath Phamonprawat who was the Dean of the Graduate School of Mahidol University during that period saw the importance of research and development of polymers, particularly natural rubber (polyisoprene) which is an important source of hydrocarbon for the globe. He encouraged and supported research and development of natural rubber and polymers in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science.

Research and development in the fields of natural rubber and polymers have made continuous progress since and in concurrence with the development of teaching and research staff which were supported by the French Government at the beginning and later by the Thai Government.

The Graduate Programme in Polymer Science at Mahidol University was initiated in 1988. The first Graduate Programme was the Master of Science Programme. It was also among the first graduate programme in the field of polymers in the country. The Doctor of Philosophy Programme was later offered in 1999. The title of the Graduate Programme was also changed to Graduate Programme in Polymer Science and Technology to reflect the philosophy of the Graduate Programme which is to produce M.Sc and Ph.D graduates having good fundamental knowledge of polymers and interests to generate research outputs which can be usefully applied in the form of technology.

Today the Mahidol Graduate Programme in Polymer Science and Technology have already produced 284 M.Sc graduates and 36 Ph.D graduates. Our graduates have made significant contribution in enhancing the country’s capability in the field of polymers both in the government and the industrial sectors.