Bio-based and biodegradable polymers

Compounding of biodegradable polymers; Biofilms for packaging application; Bio-based polymer composites and nano-composites

High strength polymer fibres

Structure, properties and production of high strength fibres from low cost commodity polymers; Applications of high strength fibres for the production of light-weight composites and others, e.g. bullet proof armour.

Polymer blends and composites

Mixing technology and compatibilisation for structural control of polymer blends and filled polymer blends and their properties, both plastics and rubbers; Reactive extrusion and blending; Particulate composites and nano-composites; Filler surface modifications and characterisation of interfaces

Polymer nanotechnology

Structure, composition and modifications of natural rubber latex based on nanotechnology, leading to innovative, value-added rubber products; Novel utilisation of polymer colloids, Magnetic nanoparticles and nanofibers for biomedical applications of polymers.

Structures and properties of elastomers

Characterisation of molecular and network structures and their relationships with engineering properties of elastomers, particularly those of natural rubber; Compounding and processing to achieve the required structures and properties; Chemical modifications of elastomers for novel properties.

Tailor-made polymer surfaces and coatings

Design and engineering of polymer surfaces including coatings for novel properties, e.g. superhydrophobic, antimicrobial, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant surfaces.